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Ugh. Would you hire me for this????

October 2nd, 2007 at 08:20 pm

In this tiny tiny town (blink and you will miss it), there are no jobs. Decent ones are 25 or more miles away, and in Northen Missouri that is not a fun drive in the winter for a part time job. For months I have been trying to find something nearby (nothing) or clean or babysit (nothing). This is rural farm area, and most women around here are SAHM, and just do their own cleaning and childcare.

Well, today I went up to DD#3 bedroom. I admit, I have not been up there in probably 3-4 months. Her room is on the opposite end of the house as all the other bedrooms. She puts her own laundry away, brings down her own trash...so no reason for me to go there. OH MY GOSH!!! Last time the room was fairly decent. Today, I could not find the floor!!!! It looks like a clip from Clean House on TV. 3 of my DD and I have spent about 3 hours each up there, and we are maybe 10% done. It looks like a tornado came thru. Its so bad, I took pictures of it for future reference.

As I did so, I wondered if I could put an ad in the local paper and put before and after pictures of her room and sell my cleaning and organizing childrens bedrooms as a service???

I'd have to charge by the job--no one could afford it by the hour. To be honest, I'd probably pay someone $250 to do her room. It made me so sick and mad I cried the first hour.

Her sisters and I are tracking our time--we plan on her working it off. I first got her sisters involved, as I know they had some part of it as they have slept in there they last 2 nights--although, I can't see where--even the bed is piled 6 foot high with clothes.

How does an 11 year old manage this??? I have a huge pile going for a garage sale. Trouble is, with 5 girls, things get passed to her that end up in boxes under her bed that don't fit her now but will next year, and then there is what she has outgrown that will fit her sisters next year. With 5 of them you can't afford to get rid of it now and then buy or remake it in a year.

Its my own fault. I used to do daily inspections, but thought she had grown past that stage-but NOT. Daily inspections are now back in her life, along with no CD player and no portable DVD player for 3 months.

And, since I know you are all wondering, the rest of the house is very clean. In fact people often comment on my clean house when they visit. Her sisters rooms are also clean--just this one DD and her room and bathroom.....UGH!

5 Responses to “Ugh. Would you hire me for this????”

  1. denisentexas Says:

    Aww, what a horrible thing to find the bedroom in that state of disrepair! When my kids were young, I'd dump almost everything in the middle of the bedroom floor and they'd get to spend the day cleaning and organizing it. They hated it. I hated when my mom did it to me. But it worked. Wink
    At any rate, I think advertising that is worth a shot! I wouldn't hire a person to do it but some people have the money to pay for a service like that.

  2. contrary1 Says:

    I used to stop "other services" to kids with rooms in what I considered unsafe conditions. Fire hazards, can't get to the exit/window, etc.
    Until the room passed a minimum level of safety (it helped that we were constantly visited by licensors from the state) I would not do anything for that child. No rides anywhere, no messages got through on "my" phone, etc. life as they knew it pretty much stopped. After all, they could use all that extra time to get their space in shape.

  3. madhaus90 Says:

    From now on I would do weekly check-ins! Then it wouldn't stand a chance of getting bad!

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Wish you lived near me, I could use a cleaning lady!

  5. katwoman Says:

    Please don't be too hard on her. Chances are she needs help with "the how to" of organizing. Chastising and punishment will only add to her anxiety and make it worse years down the line.

    Luckily she at a young enough age where she can be taught organizational skills that she'll have for life. If you can get past your anger a good site to look into is flylady.com. Many swear by her methods.

    Good luck.

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