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Sears screwed up

October 31st, 2007 at 02:22 pm

The sears repairman finally showed up and fixed the icemaker. He was very nice, and showed me the broken part. He said they have had problems with that part and was surprised they didn't do a recall on it. It cost me $260 to fix it!! When I made the appt, I had a coupon for 10% off any parts and 10% off labor. I gave the appt rep the coupon codes. She told me that would give me the discount automatically. The repairman would have nothing to do with it-it was all done on her end. Well, guess what--it was not reflected on the bill. So, I had to call customer service. This time I got someone who actually spoke English, and she said no I was to give the coupon to the repair man. ONLY thing is, it isn't exactly a coupon--its just a blurb on the credit card statement saying call 800-my-home to make your appt and give them this code. WHY would I want to give the repairman my credit card statement??? That makes no sense. So, she is going to do some checking and call me back tomorrow. It amounts to $26-worth fighting for. Anyhow, my Sears has gone from a $12 balance to $272.00. But, there are no finance charges, as what was on there was 12 months interest free, and its almost paid off after only 3 months-plus I earned a certificate for $50 off a purchase by putting the bigger item on it 3 months ago. I am getting a new vacume cleaner this weekend with a 10% off coupon. With that $50 certificate and 2 gift cards, I should only have to pay around $25 for a $300 vacume. My old vacume is 24 years old, and moves slower than I do....

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  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    My grandma retired from Sears proud in her heart to have been part of that company. She thought Sears was a quality outfit. I mean she actually stood taller when she spoke of her work life there. She bought everything through them....until! Until their service and quality seriously went down the toilet. In her last years, she never shopped there. I think she felt personally hurt to see what it had become.

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