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waiting on Sears to show up

October 31st, 2007 at 09:18 am

I hate this. I am waiting on the Sears repairman. All the customer service could tell me is that he will be here between 8 and 5. It would be nice if hey could narrow it down to either morning or afternoon, but no, 8-5 "eastern time" and I live in CENTRAL!!! yikes! The rep keep saying my state was MA instead of MO, so I hope they are sending the man to the right location.... (English was not the Sears reps greatest asset)
So, we are stuck at home till then. The girls are supposed to be at a halloween harvest party at 4, which means we will need to leave around 3:15.
She said he would call first,--I tried to tell her we homeschool and the computer uses the phoneline, and to use my cell, but instead the did yesterdays and this mornings reminder calls to the house number.
Our ice maker is doing thing thing where it works, then doesnt work. Now it just doesn't work at all. The fridge is only 2 years old, but out of warrenty, of course. I'd keep using the ice cube trays, but I have little wrist strength and it hurts (MS) so I'd rather pay $150 to fix it, than pay out $150 in copays and PT. We use a lot of ice, since we are home most of the time

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