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Did the CVS and Walgreen's trip today

January 5th, 2009 at 09:51 pm

I still need to go to Dollar General and Target (will do that on Thursday when we go to the city library).
I saved around $27 and got several free items, several rain checks and bonus bucks.

Since CVS scans your card each time, can I get bonus bucks twice on the same item??
For example, today I bought shampoo and got bonus bucks of $2. If I go back tomorrow and buy more of it, will I get another $2??? The girl at the counter was new and didnt know, and the store was swamped, so I didn't want to tie up the line while she ran down the manager...

1 Responses to “Did the CVS and Walgreen's trip today”

  1. Mrs. Matt Says:

    There is a set limit of items you can receive ECBs on at CVS. If you look on the ad below the item it will tell you that information in small print. Usually it's a limit of 5. Your receipt should let you know when you have reached your limit for that item also. Good luck! :-)

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