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Trash switch

February 11th, 2005 at 05:27 pm

I switched trash companies today-after 7 years of complaining about the old one-they keep skipping me. $16 a month seems high to me, but that is what they all charge-I called them all. I lost a front blinker lens today. Dealer wants $198 to fix it. I went to the autoparts store and they ordered it for me. It will be $25 and I can put it on myself, or the guy behind the counter said they could do it for me at no charge. Had no choice, the bulb is left exposed, and will be getting wet, and I will get a ticket. Other than that, spent no money today. The twins have to take snack to scouts tomorrow, but I made cookies for that from frozen dough I bought from them when they did their 4H fund raiser. Hung a load of laundery to dry again today, and ate leftovers.

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