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Hot day

July 31st, 2005 at 03:57 am

After work today I took the girls to Dairy Queen. It is the week of their anniversiry, so for 1 hour the prices were rolled back to the day the opened. We each got a large dipped cone for .29 each. They store is not advertising what hour of the day will have the rolled back prices (once a day for a week), but we got lucky. Was almost 100 today, and it felt good to have a cold treat.
Today was supposed to be my last day for 2 weeks, due to vacation. However, the caller ID looks like they are trying to call me into work. I did not check the machine yet to see if they left me a message. I might consider going in for 4 hours tomorrow afternoon (Sunday pay plus vacation pay....would be 3 times the hourly rate, so close to $75 for 4 hours work) but I am not interested in anything more than that. I need a break from that place.
One of my coworkers just got back from Vegas. She and her family were there a week, and lost over $15,000. She acts like it is no big deal. Her husband makes over $40 an hour, she makes close to $25 and hour, their kids are married and gone, and they can't make ends meet. 2 adults, and the have 4 vehicles between them, 2 boats and a house that is more like a castle. And, they live from paycheck to paycheck. She doesn't seem to think the gambling has anything to do with it. Every weekend they go the the casinos, and get a hotel room there. Sometimes she goes directly there from work on Friday nights, and comes directly back to the office on Monday mornings (wearing the same clothes)--without having been home--but, no her gambling is not an issue.....

Big birthday gift

July 30th, 2005 at 01:59 am

Well, I ended up getting the shed AKA playhouse. I got the regular shed type-the no frills cheaper model, and we are making minor changes ourself to make it into a playhouse. The girls have already moved their kitchen set and babydoll stuff, as well as a bookcase out to it. They spent most of the day outside in it. It is 10X12. I am glad I got it. I think it will help the house to sell quicker, as it sure improved the look of the game room and their bedroom (decluttered). 2 people came and looked at the house today. One asked me if the playhouse came with the house. (it just got delivered today-and I told her so) I told her only if she wanted to pay full price for it, so we could get another one at the new location (where ever that may me). She said that sounded fair. It also really dresses up the yard and play area. They did not charge me a delivery or setup fee, and it ended up being about $300 cheaper than he orginally told me. Seems this was one they started for someone else who changed their mind. So, I did good.
Got another hospital bill and insurance statement today in the mail for daughter #2. The insurance is paying more than I thought they would towards her sickness. That leaves me with about a $500 bill as of now, with almost half of still pending with the insurance company. I have my nest egg built back up to almost what it was before I had to take off with her being sick (which, would have been more if I had not bought the playhouse-but, you know, they are only kids once-and since I almost lost one of them, I could care less about the price--they are all here and alive and healthy enough to play in it!!!). But, I have decided I am going to make that emergency next egg much larger this time.
Also, my paychecks have now gone up about $250 a month. My company is merging with another telecommunications company, so they have stopped our employee stock purchase plan until after the merger goes through. I have been very frugal lately-not buying much-only milk and eggs for groceries (still surviving off the pantry, for over a month now-does that tell you how much food was in it?? we aren't even half way through it yet). I have not turned on the A/C unless it is over 90, or the realtor calls to say they are going to show the house. Having seperate A/C-heat pumps for upstairs and downstairs helps too. Of the evening, I can turn it on upstairs to cool off the house, then turn it off and turn on the ceiling fans and open the windows. The bedrooms will stay about 75 all night-which is not bad.

Also went out to eat tonight-first time in a long time we have done that. I get the school saver cards every year, so our meals were buy one get one free, and we went before 4pm when they raise the prices-so, the 4 of us ate for about $9. Not bad, since we had regular dinners (I even had shrimp). I took my own tea bag -ice water is free, tea is $1.49. The tea bag dissolved just fine in cold water.

big spend

July 20th, 2005 at 04:34 am

I think I am about to shift gears, and spend some major bucks on my kids for their birthday. They have always wanted a playhouse, and I went to check them out today. They want about $3,000 for one. But. I can get a larger barn type shed for only $1200. I am seriously considering getting one. When they outgrow it as a playhouse, it will become a garden shed, or a building to put horse tack in.
Inside, the storage barn is the same as the fancy house, except the house has a loft (made of plywood and 2x4) which I can do myself. Since all the girls birthdays are within 3 weeks of each other, I think I will get it, and make it a joint gift for all of them. Then, we can move their kitchen set and some other inside toys out to it. I can insulate it and put up some paneling, and I even have a ceiling fan/light still in the box that I can put in it. I would also probably put in a couple of outlets and windows, and a strip of baseboard heating. I have most of that stuff now, in the storage barn leftover from my current home, so would not be out much more expense to finish it off . I also think I have a peice of carpet (indoor outdoor) that would fit in it.
They have outgrown their playfort, and little tykes house, climber and see-saw. That would give them a nice playhouse and swingset that should last them till they are teens. (A friend of mine did the storage shed playhouse route for her daughter when she was 5, and now the daughter is 16 and still uses it --updated of course, but has a TV and bunk in it for her 'private' time, as well as her own art and sewing studio.

Money book

July 14th, 2005 at 06:57 pm

I've been doing real good, staying on the right track with not spending. But, to keep me there, I am going to start keeping a notebook and writing every penny I spend in it, including bills. Then, every week or so, I can go back thru it and put necessary or unncecessary and see what I missed on saving. All I pay is mortgage, utilities and my childrens tution.--Sometimes a sitter. I make good money, but I would like to see more go into savings. My cards are paid in full, and I paid cash for my suburban and RV. I just need to cut out some of the extras for mroe savings. But, I still want to have some fun too-like eat out Tues at Country Kitchen (.99 meals). I am starting my book now, on my lunch hour.

No spend week

July 14th, 2005 at 04:37 am

Almost Thursday (30 minutes) and I have not spent anything all week. And, I remembered to take the trash out. I forgot to for the last 2 weeks, and thats a bummer because you pay for it if you use it or not. I started the day off right today, with a 1 hour full body massage. I think that was the last of my gift certificates from my birthday and Christmas. I had held off on using that one, because of the surgeries I had in Nov, Dec and Jan. I was afraid a massage would be painful until today. But, I must say, it felt wonderful. My oldest has been at camp all week, I picked her up today. Her sisters go tomorrow and come back on Friday (their age group is just an over-nighter). Got some housecleaning and organizing done. I cleaned out the pantry and under the sink. I found about 5 cans of carpet cleaner I didn't know I had, and several boxes of pancake mix. My goal is not to buy any grocieries except for milk and bread for the rest of the month. I am still trying to sell my house so we can move to the country, but no way do I want to move the pantry and kitchen cabinet contents. I figure this is a good time to eat thru the inventory and then I can go to aldies and restock up again. Plus, this will help to get out any cans or items that may be getting too old. I am having a taco fit, so may have to break down and go to taco bell tomorrow, but thats ok because it is .49 a taco on Thursdays. I only need 1 for my craving.