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Am I the crazy one here??

April 30th, 2009 at 03:56 am

DD2 (actually step daughter) is apprently getting married next month. 3rd time this has been planned to the 3rd man--the first 2 dropped her before the wedding....

DH already gave her $500 for his 1/3 of her dress--she is paying 1/3 and so is grandma. $1500 for a dress that grandma is sewing herself... fabric must be made of gold.

This is the step daugher that stole our id, forged checks, stole credit cards, police dog and more--she has been in jail 3 times that we know of. Debtors call here weekly looking for her, and she does not live here.

The man she is marrying just did time for rape--only they don't call it rape anymore--it is now sexual abuse. He is also currently going through classes for anger control and domestic relationships. I don't feel he is a good choice, and I don' want my 3 young daughters around him. He has a violent temper, has done time for it (just got out last month) and has a filthy mouth.

Since I voiced my opinion, I am now the blacksheep. DH family won't talk to me. DH got an invition to the wedding address to him only. Even if I and the little girls were invited, I doubt we would go.

Now I hear there were 2 bridal showers (which I was unaware of) and that the rumor is going around that I refused to go. THAT is what bothers me--instead of saying I was not there because I was not invited, the bride lied and said I refused.

Poor hubby is stuck in the middle. He wants to attend the wedding, it is his daughter dispite her problems and who knows, maybe this deadbeat will turn her around (??) and it will work out.

Am I crazy for stating I don't think marrying a former rapist is a good thing??? My mother in law thinks I am wrong for putting the poor man down when he is trying to overcome this. She now has me and my attitude on her church prayer lists. Of course, she left out the fact that he is on the sex offenders list........

Race Day

April 25th, 2009 at 05:52 pm

I have the cooler packed with sandwhiches for all, chips, pudding and applesauce, bananas and bottled water. We will refill our bottles there, and save $4.50 a bottle (high price for water imo). In case it rains (which they say it will) I have my walmart 88 cent rain ponchos, since the ones they sell at Kansas Speedway are $7 each. Today I am taking my girls, my nephew and my brother as DH is working. Tomorrow it will be all of us and possibly my nephew again. Tomorrow I will again pack our meal. I am too cheap to buy the $7 hotdogs.......Tomorrow if the weather holds we will go after church and take the grill and grill/eat in the parking lot before and after the race. It always takes us over an hour to get out, and then the kids are hungry, so this time we will watch everyone else sit in line while we eat.

My old fashioned kids...

April 17th, 2009 at 02:54 am

DD3 just called a radio station to ask them to play a song. They are crowded around the radio with a tape player to tape it.....

Just like their momma in the 1970's...

Simple and cheap!!!

We finished the pig pen today and moved the pigs in. They seem happy. The chickens sent a welcome wagon over to them-in shifts. About 4 groups of 5 came to visit them. Rather funny to watch.

DH is going to think I am nuts when he gets home...

April 14th, 2009 at 12:03 am

I went into the feed store after nannying today to buy a couple of metal (dog proof) chicken feed and water bases. These are the kind that go on a mason jar.

On they way out, I noticed the poultry had a reduced sign. Peeking ducks were down to $1 each....So, frugal person I am, I bought everyone they had left. Last week I bought some and they were $4 each. All are females. These are part of the same batch, so when I brought them home (to the rabbit hutch in the storage area of our basement) they were all so excited to see their sisters from back at the store. Right now there is alot of peeping going on in the basement. I also have some baby chicks down there as well, since the weather turned cool and tonight there is a freeze warning out.

On the way home, some broke loose. Ever try to drive a stick shift with a duck under the clutch and another sitting by the gear shift?? I had a heck of a time pulling over to recapture them.

I can sell organic duck eggs for $3 to several gals at church and at the homeschool coop. So I will make my money on them back and then some.

More money spent in effort to save/make $

April 12th, 2009 at 06:40 pm

I have blogged several times that I am trying to turn my earned babysitting money into more money, but doing things with it that will save more money in the long run. Last week we bought pigs to add to that list. 6 of them. They are 11 weeks old.

So the list as of now:
screen doors
turbo tax to do our own taxes ($170 savings)
battery charger & rechargeable batteries
pig hut
CFL light bulbs
and there should be 2 more on the list but I forgot!!!!

Please read this if you are in Missouri

April 7th, 2009 at 06:30 pm

I am too lazy to type it all again, but basically the state tried to cut in half, the funding to our Missouri County Extension offices and 4H. Basically half of the staff and offices would close and they would combine with a nearby county.

The funding has been given back, but in 2 weeks they start the new budget and may take it away again. Please read my other blog for all the info and who you can contact.

This is funding for 4H, county fairs, extension offices and more. Thanks!

More snow today. Where is spring?????

April 7th, 2009 at 02:03 am

At least so far, none of the snow is sticking. There is a hard freeze warning out for tonight.

I got the taxes finished!!!! Yee haw. I had free e-filing for the federal, but to e-file the state was $16 and I'm too cheap, so I will snail mail it tomorrow. We are getting a refund on both.

I used turbo tax-paid $80 for it, but last year the CPA charged us close to $300 and it was full of erros that were NOT in our favor, so I don't think I can do any worse. I have used turbo tax many times in the past with good luck so I am sure it is right.

3 no spenders

April 6th, 2009 at 04:15 am

3 days last were no spend days! Today was also a no spending day as well. This evening the kids and I went to a very well done Easter play--very professional, great music, good costumes and sets--and it was also free. They really had some people who could sing--much much better than half that junk on the radio!!

Sadly, many of the churches around here are starting to charge for entrance to their Christmas and Easter plays. The fee is to cover their "hollywood production" costs. I, on the other hand would rather see what we saw tonight. One where you actually know the performers and a little less pazazz. It was a little over 2 hours long and an hour drive one way to get there. But, worth every bit. The kids had several friends in it as well as one of the teachers from the homeschool coop.

This week it looks like I will be nannying 3 days. Since DH is on nights and will be home during the day I will take turns taking 1 girl with me each day to do some one on one with schoolwork, while the other 2 stay at home.

This Friday night is our Passover dinner at church. It is always very interesting as it is a study in Jewish customs. It normally draws a good crowd. Each year we learn more that we missed or forgot from the year prior. Wed night a bunch of us are meeting at the church to make the bread-matza-I think that is spelled right.....