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I told them how I felt & ended up with a job

October 8th, 2009 at 05:41 pm

Last month, I was asked to sit in on a city meeting (in this small town of 2400) to take notes for the substitute for someone who was sitting in for someone else..... All I had to do was write notes of what was said.

Then the people at the meeting ask me who I was and why I was there, so I told them. It was a planning meeting for the fall fest. I took notes as directed, then at the end of the meeting they asked me what I thought. I told them I had not been to one of their fall fests. (I got some really blank stares as if I had just announced I had arrived from Mars). I told them what I knew about it had turned me off since I moved here. They asked me to explain and I told them why. They advertise it as a "family" event, then they have right beside the carnival rides and in between the kids booths 3 beer gardens and numerous beer vendor tents. I don't see that as "family". I also pointed out that very often the front page of the weekly paper contains articles about the constant underage alcohol problem (and drugs) that this town and the school district has. Yet, they promote the booze by mixing it in with kids events. Last year there was a page and a half of arrests made as a result of drinking that was out of control, driving offenses and even some indecent exposure. I said a few other things as well, but we left on pleasant terms. I also ponted out that in this area we have Mennonites and Amish that have craft booths at other fests, but not here, due to the alcohol. Usually Amish and Menonite crafts attract a gathering.

Then I came home to a ringing phone.....3 people at that meeting wanted to discuss with me further.....Fast forward, I am now on the committee for this year and next. They decided to do an experiment and there will be no alcohol at this years event. I sent some letters to the nearby Mennonite and Amish churches (saying would you like a booth and there is no alcohol this year), and we now have 7 more booths as a result.

Then yesterday I was told that one of the beer vendors had told them they were getting called into court as one of the people who was arrested last year named the beer tent as a co-conspirator and is suing them for providing the alcohol and continuing to provide to him after it was noticable he was already drunk. So, at least one beer vendor wasn't going to be there anyway.

My other idea was the chili supper for the fire dept should be at the fire dept. Let the people see the dept--good PR for it (it really needs it now) and maybe we can get some new volunteers requited as a result.

So, for an experiment, this years is at the FD-which is great because it is pouring rain. In past years if it rained, the supper was canceled, and it is the biggest single fund raiser the FD has--last year they sold over 5000 bowls to a town of 2400.

We will serve it in the kitchen, and people will eat in the bays and the trucks will be moved outside.

The fest is this weekend, so you all pray for me, as they took 2 of my many suggestions--last years fest was not the best they said, so they are open to new ideas and I hope they pan out.

Last week I found along the road a trailer ramp--no one has claimed it. Yesterday I found some rose pruners in the middle of a gravel intersection. 2 "finds" in 2 weeks. My husband says he is going to get me a bumper sticker "I brake for junk". Guess I am turning into my dad...

We still have not turned on either furnace, but have lit a fire twice now.