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It is sooooo cold

January 7th, 2010 at 02:34 am

And tomorrow, it is supposed to be -30. Yes, that is 30 below 0. That is cold.

We are stocked up (as usual). People laughed when I moved here and created a huge pantry in the basement. I did it because we are so far from a grocery store. In the past it has come in handy several times and I think it will again this week.

A fire is going, the heat is set at 63. The living room (where the fireplace is at, is 71 with the fire going).

Todays tip is barter when you can. We get all our firewood for free. It comes off our farm, but we have someone else cut it on shares. The other guy cuts and splits it. He keeps 2/3 and we get 1/3. Between our 2 farms, we have enough wood on the ground from recent storms and a tornado to last both houses probably 3 or 4 winters.

We do the same thing with our hay. We grow and fertilize it. 2 other farmers cut, rake and bale it. From the first cutting they get 2/3 and we get 1/3. For each additional cutting we split it 50/50. (A good year yeilds 3 cuttings of hay).

In years past I have bartered/traded several things, such as child care for piano or swiming lessons, had my house cleaned for mending.....just exchange your talent for someone elses.

Got my scanner today

January 6th, 2010 at 02:49 am

Today I received by fed ex, my scanner for the Neilson Homescan. I got it all set up this evening, and entered a couple of items DH bought today at the grocery store.

It came with a gift catalogue. Providing I enter shopping and send in weekly, I earn points. Then I can redeem the points for gift items.

My mom did this several years ago and said it was kind of fun. At the time she did it, she earned cash.

I had been on a waiting list, and was rather surprised that it arrived so quickly. I was only on the waiting list for about 5 weeks or so.

Todays lesson

January 5th, 2010 at 07:40 pm

Actually, this is yesterdays lesson from my 13 year old. She and my DH had gone to town on a fire call, and afterwards called and asked if I needed anything. I asked her to get some trash bags.

When she got home she was all excited over what she bought. There were 38 in the box, and there was another brand that only had 16 in the box for the same price. She said these may not be made as well, but afterall, we are going to just use them to burn the trash, so that is what she got.

I am so proud of my kids for paying attention to the prices and sizes.

In the afternoon, she and DH "worked" outside in the snow and 12 degree weather. He got vehicles stuck, then had her unstick them. Being on the fire dept they have pulled numerous people out of the snow lately--most of which ended up in the snow stuck because they didn't know how to drive in it. She is learning how to rock a vehicle out, turn into a slide and such. She is just 13, so if they "practice" this every winter, she will have a lot of experience under her belt when she gets her license, and it will save her money from not having to pay for a tow. He also is teaching the girls how to change the oil, change tires, serpentine belts and other basic auto mechanics. According to DH, no daughter of his will be stuck by the road waiting for a man! For our homeschooling, we are counting this as "votech" hours.

More snow today

January 3rd, 2010 at 11:10 pm

I'm getting tired of it. It is pretty, but it's getting old. And, we are supposed to get more this week and colder temps.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get milk. $148 later.....we walked out. But, they had some really good sales that I could not pass up. Things that I normally buy and that stockpile good.

Then, they had the after Christmas specials--things I normally don't buy, but did at these prices--such as Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings for 75 cents each--nice buy since I also had some 75 cent off coupons--so some I bought for free. They also had stuffing mix (normally I make from scratch) for 49 cents a box, so I got several of those. 7 up for 79 cents a 2 liter, so I bought several, and OJ for half off. Also rice that was going out of date for 19 cents a bag (really, how can dried rice go out of date...)

My goal is to teach my kids a tip a day, so what I pointed out to them today was the sales carts next to the bread aisle. This is where they put the short expiration dates, dented cans, sliced cereal boxes (even though the waxed lining is intact). Best part here is, the still accept coupons on these items--so I often get from here for free. DD#5 thought that is was pretty neat that we ended up with some free deoderant from the carts (packing change-so on sale for $1 with a $1 off coupon).

Between todays trip and what we have, I have ingredents for meals for almost a full month. Two weeks ago I spent around $140 at Aldi and that should last us till Feb. So for 6 weeks worth of groceries, my total is $240--plus anymore milk we buy. That is for 5 people full time, and 7 people part of the time plus 2 babies that I sometimes sit here at my home.


January 3rd, 2010 at 01:37 am

Our high today was 7 above. This morning it was -7.

My money saving tip for today is on weddings--mainly from one we attended today::::

We went to a wedding today--it was a different and very fun one. Two of our firefighters got married, so the wedding was at the fire station. She wore the traditional gown, but the groom and attendants wore bunker gear.

Both had been married before (mid 30's couple) and didn't really need anything, so for their wedding, instead of a gift, they asked their guests to bring a covered dish. After the wedding, we had a sit down potluck dinner.

An uncle performed the cermoney, the location was free, food was free, centerpeices were borrowed. Dress was under $50. Music was provided by a CD player.

Total wedding cost, $50 for over 100 people.

It was too cold to do the traditional hosing down of the bride and groom and the fire truck ride. But it was fun. We finally left around 6 (it started at noon). We did help clean up--all the department pitched it and we had it cleaned up fairly quickly.

On the way home the kids and I discussed that yes, you can have a nice fun wedding without spending enough to buy a house.

new year and new goals

January 2nd, 2010 at 05:42 am

I am going to try and do at least one money saving thing a day, that I can share with my kids--sort of a daily lesson for them.

So, the lesson for today was making potato soup using a bunch of leftovers. Basically I made potato soup and added the cleaning out of the refrigerator to it--so it contained potatoes, 1/2 can of evaporated milk left from a Christmas salad, 1/2 can of cream of celery soup, some left over corn, 1/2 bag of shredded cheese left from tacos, 2 left over carrots diced up, 3 peices left over bacon, 1/2 of a left over onion and a handful of left over baby shrimp.

It was a hit, and the only "new food" in it was the potatoes. It made a crockpot full and we ate about 1/2 of it tonight with enough left for one more meal. If we don't eat it by Sunday I will freeze it.

Last night the girls and I went to a lock in at church. It cost us $10 each, but was a night full of all we could eat food, and games. They had drawings, and I won a shirt and one of the girls won a free pass to camp--which we were already signed up to go to, so that really excited her. She got to pick her own prize and picked it to "save momma the money". As a reward for her thinking like that, when camp time comes, I plan on putting half of her camp fee into her savings account.

Happy New Year everyone!!


December 8th, 2009 at 07:20 pm

Yea!! My auction ended at around $20 including the shipping. I'm happy.

the cost of snow

December 8th, 2009 at 07:00 pm

Ever wonder what it costs each time it snows?? We have several inches at my house and it is still coming down. The public school is in session and as far as I know the businesses are open (most in this small town are owned by the same family anyway)....

OK, I nanny for a family 2-3 days a week. Some days at my house, some at theirs--really depends on what is going on. Today I am at theirs-they are 15 miles south of me, and have 1/2 the amount of snow we do. In fact, you can still see the ground and it has stopped. They called off school. Some stores are closed. WHY???

Maybe it is because I live in a farming town and most of us have 4x4. The other is more of a suburb and has a lot of city people in it. They are freaking out. Like seeing Texans in a Michigan snow storm....the stuff really won't melt you-honest.

My poor kids--we homeschool, so school goes on-snow or no snow, although they will have an extended "PE" time for sledding.

woo hoo

December 4th, 2009 at 08:44 pm

My (kids) carhartts for sale on ebay are going to sell for at least double what I bought the new bigger pair for at the thrift store!! the auction isn't over yet, so they could go for more.

Scored 5 free light bulbs at the free lunch at the light co, cuz next to me were some ladies bussed in from a nursing/assist home. They didn't want theres--they home has all floursent lights in it. so, they passed their on to me! (probably felt sorry for me with 5 kids..acutally they babies were very well behaved)

The shop called. My car is done, and GM is asorbing the costs. I think the entire motor was replaced. It has been at the dealership for over 3 weeks, and they gave us another vehicle to use.

And, tonight is DH free work dinner, so supper is free for us too!

free lunch for today

December 4th, 2009 at 04:07 pm

Today I, and my family (along with the babies I am watching today) get to go to a free lunch at the electric company. They do this 2-3 times a year. Todays lunch is chili and soup, and we get free light bulbs (cfl's) and get to register for various prizes.

All this year I was on their focus group, and in addition to being paid for that, I was given a CASE of free light bulbs (CFL's) at the last meeting.

Our baby calf born yesterday seems to be doing well, despite it being in the teens last night. It has a very soft warm coat, and slept in the middle of the cow "huddle" during the night. The momma is not a barn cow, so they are outside. It would make the momma nervous to try and stahl it, then she would not feed it. So, they will stay out.

I picked up an extra day of childcare this week--normally I try to do something to make money or save money with my earnings, but I think with this check it will either go into Christmas or kids activities. The 13 year old is thinking about going to 4H leadership camp in Feb, so I may use this check for her reg. Normally, we "live" off my DH check, and my childcare money is my "extra".

Surprise birth this morning

December 4th, 2009 at 05:17 am

No, not me, but I got your attention, didn't I??? One of our Angus cows gave birth, and we didn't even know she was expecting. I did know we have 2 others that are, but not her. Around here that baby is worth $400 or more, so hopefully she will make it.

Why does everything on this farm pick the coldest day to give birth or hatch its young???

We went and picked up the last of the gifts for our little Christmas angel today. We kind of spoiled her, but thats ok. She lives in a Christian children's home and we will get to be with her when she opens them. She is the same age as my girls so she fits right in. It is the same children's home that we go to church camp with and some of the house parents have been members of our church in the past. One of those places that you know when you give the gift it is really going to the kids.

Inexpensive choices this week

December 2nd, 2009 at 03:45 am

DH called around for a new exhaust system to be put on my suburban. It has had glass packs (I'm getting old-I want something quieter with chrome tips). We found a shop fairly close for around $200 and went with it. We took it in today and it ended up only being $126.

We have killed our last 2 vacume cleaners within the past 3 weeks. (we had 4 between the 2 of us when we got married 3 years ago...). I found one today at the thrift store for $17. It is bagless (as the old ones were), so no bags to buy (plus you can recoup the dimes and earrings that get sucked up). It works wonderful, and has more attachments then my last one did. It is built different though-the handle pulls up and turns into the hose and wand--oh--it also has a reverse on it and will air up items such as blow up pools and such.

DD3 and I spent $28 in the thrift store and come out with a vacumme cleaner, 2 kids learning computer CDs for her younger sisters, a black velvet skirt, a navy velvet dress with a matching jacket for her younger sisters, another Christmasy dress for her sisters, 2 shirts and a necklace for her, and a pair of used kids insulated carhartt coveralls (new, those sell for $60-I got a used pair for $5). Oh--and 3 hard back books. The blue velvet dress still had the JCPenney tag on it for $48. I paid $2. It is brand new.

Earlier in the week I found at another thrift store some items made from horseshoes for $3 each. I got 1 napkin holder and 2 mail/paper holders--one for DH desk and one for my desk in the office. I guess I should have gotten one more for my desk in the classroom, but I wasn't thinking. I have seen these before for around $15 each.

The girls have all outgrown their carhartt coveralls from the last 2 winters (I buy big so they last 2-3 winters), so I sold one pair on craigslist for $30 and the other is on ebay. But, I bought one set already today for $5 so only have to find 2 more. On a good year, I can sell them for the same price I am buying a bigger set for. On a great year I come out ahead on the deal. We will see.

yesterdays shopping

November 3rd, 2009 at 08:20 pm

Yesterday we hit up CVS--rechargeable batteries were buy 1 pack get 1 pack free and Dawn dish soap was 97 cents a bottle, and I had some 75 cent off coupons. So, we spent around $20, less $10 cvs bucks, so $10 cash out of hand, but I earned $1.50 CVS and then found andother $5 CVS bonus buck coupon in the car, so will go back and get more batteries with that.

Then we went to Aldi, and I spent my usual $180 that will last us for around 8 weeks. By the case I bought: corn, green beans, mushrooms, 6 cases of soup, pie fillings, peaches, pears, mixed fruits, peas, limi beans, mandarian oranages,carrots, chili beans, speg sauce, frozen chicken parmasauin, sweet potatoe pies, butter, koolaide mix, hot cocoa mix, frozen chickens and oatmeal. Case sizes run from 18-36 items per case.

The girls carried it all downstairs to the pantry, but it has not been rotated in yet and put on the shelves.

Then we went to walmart and I got 20 lb bags of flour, cornmeal, sugar and 10 lbs of salt. These items I store in my garage in a deepfreeze I was given for free because it doesn't work. It stays airtight, moisture free and pest free. Those large bags are just too heavy to haul to the basement pantry anyway.

We worked up a bunch of free pears, and apples, and now I have a few pumpkins to do. Then I am ready for the snow to fly.

I did hear that some Walmart stores are selling turkey this week for 40 cents a pound. If the one nearest us is, I will get a few later this week.

I told them how I felt & ended up with a job

October 8th, 2009 at 05:41 pm

Last month, I was asked to sit in on a city meeting (in this small town of 2400) to take notes for the substitute for someone who was sitting in for someone else..... All I had to do was write notes of what was said.

Then the people at the meeting ask me who I was and why I was there, so I told them. It was a planning meeting for the fall fest. I took notes as directed, then at the end of the meeting they asked me what I thought. I told them I had not been to one of their fall fests. (I got some really blank stares as if I had just announced I had arrived from Mars). I told them what I knew about it had turned me off since I moved here. They asked me to explain and I told them why. They advertise it as a "family" event, then they have right beside the carnival rides and in between the kids booths 3 beer gardens and numerous beer vendor tents. I don't see that as "family". I also pointed out that very often the front page of the weekly paper contains articles about the constant underage alcohol problem (and drugs) that this town and the school district has. Yet, they promote the booze by mixing it in with kids events. Last year there was a page and a half of arrests made as a result of drinking that was out of control, driving offenses and even some indecent exposure. I said a few other things as well, but we left on pleasant terms. I also ponted out that in this area we have Mennonites and Amish that have craft booths at other fests, but not here, due to the alcohol. Usually Amish and Menonite crafts attract a gathering.

Then I came home to a ringing phone.....3 people at that meeting wanted to discuss with me further.....Fast forward, I am now on the committee for this year and next. They decided to do an experiment and there will be no alcohol at this years event. I sent some letters to the nearby Mennonite and Amish churches (saying would you like a booth and there is no alcohol this year), and we now have 7 more booths as a result.

Then yesterday I was told that one of the beer vendors had told them they were getting called into court as one of the people who was arrested last year named the beer tent as a co-conspirator and is suing them for providing the alcohol and continuing to provide to him after it was noticable he was already drunk. So, at least one beer vendor wasn't going to be there anyway.

My other idea was the chili supper for the fire dept should be at the fire dept. Let the people see the dept--good PR for it (it really needs it now) and maybe we can get some new volunteers requited as a result.

So, for an experiment, this years is at the FD-which is great because it is pouring rain. In past years if it rained, the supper was canceled, and it is the biggest single fund raiser the FD has--last year they sold over 5000 bowls to a town of 2400.

We will serve it in the kitchen, and people will eat in the bays and the trucks will be moved outside.

The fest is this weekend, so you all pray for me, as they took 2 of my many suggestions--last years fest was not the best they said, so they are open to new ideas and I hope they pan out.

Last week I found along the road a trailer ramp--no one has claimed it. Yesterday I found some rose pruners in the middle of a gravel intersection. 2 "finds" in 2 weeks. My husband says he is going to get me a bumper sticker "I brake for junk". Guess I am turning into my dad...

We still have not turned on either furnace, but have lit a fire twice now.

Found $300 today along the road

September 30th, 2009 at 06:18 pm

Yep and I stopped and picked it up. Actually I have seen it there for about 6 weeks, but we finally had our first frost so it really stood out this morning so I got it.

No, it was not $300 cash. It was a trailer ramp. For you city types, that is the heavy huge (did I say heavy?) ramp (solid iron)that goes on the side or back of a farm trailer to drive your equipment onto the trailer with. This is the same size as ours and they sell at the local farm store for around $300 plus tax.

I don't see a thing wrong it it. Our paper is online and no one has reported loosing one (I checked the ads back several month).

It was all I could do to pick it up and put it in the back of my suburban.

If the husband does say there is something wrong with it, I will put it in our outdoor fire pit balanced on a couple of concrete blocks--it would be a good rack to hold the dutch oven and such.

If it is good, I will either keep it as a spare or put it on craigslist.

My dishwasher maybe has 3 loads left before it gives up the ghost. I started looking and already gave up. I guess we need to pull it out of the wall so I can measure it. The depths differ and I don't want to pick out one that is too deep for the cabinet. It needs to be an energy star, have the pot and pan cycle, I want to be able to turn OFF the dry heat cycle, and I would like it to have the option to heat the water in the dishwasher rather than use the hot water. This would be nice for when we run out or are low on propane and the hotwater heater quits (last year we ran out during ice because the truck couldn't get here for several days due to bad roads). I also want it to use very little water. (some are steam cleaning now). But, I first need the measurements so I know what size I can get.

I'm back!

September 22nd, 2009 at 06:58 am

I didn't realize how long it was since I last blogged on here but today I had 2 notes asking what happened to me....Thanks for caring!

We have been busy around here. I am involved as a co-leader in starting a new 4H group. It seems most or all of the other groups in the county all meet on Sundays and for those of us who go to church or have kids in youth group, that wasn't working. So, we have started a new one with 25 families! I'd say that pretty much shows there was a need.

DH hurt his neck--he had a vertabre rotated sideways--from sleeping funny. so, he has been moving slow the last 2 weeks. We had to hire a couple of brothers to come help us with a fencing project, as he could barely move. Our pigs have all learned how to root under or climb over the hog panels (fence) and were loose. So we reworked the fencing and added electric fencing and caught the pigs and put them back in. They have not gotten loose since. The two boys we hired are brothers from our local homeschool coop and were very eager to learn. One knew a few things about electricity and was very good about explaining it to his younger brother who couldn't understand at first why he wasn't getting shocked while wearing rubber mud boots, and why it didn't bother a bird that landed on the line.

We got our hay cut and baled for a second cutting last week. It should have been done 3 weeks ago but the rains kept putting it off.

We have 10 new additions to the farm--10 new chicks that are now 3 weeks old. They are dual purpose, so will start their life as egg layers.

Last weekend we filled our time with 2 days of training at the fire department. I was proud of my 13 year old-she is a cadet and was the only female to complete the course in bunker gear. It got pretty hot and humid in the afternoon and several were having trouble keeping up, but she stuck it out. She learned how to run several different rescue saws and ran them for several minutes. Her proudest moment though was when she got to kick out the front windshield of the bus. The training was over school bus accident rescues. The bus was cut up and then rolled over. Then air bags were placed under it and it was raised back up again. It was rather interesting and I learned a lot from watching (I was helping cook the meals and working the rehab bus). This week we have training on breaking and entering.

Today I made up a big batch of laundry soap. It should last me about 12 months, but I usually give a few gallons away so it never lasts that long. My ingredents to make a 12 month supply cost me around $4. It last me longer than many people because I have a front loader machine and only use 2 tablespoons per load.

Right now I have the last of this weeks bread in the oven. Acutally I thought I was done baking, then found a loaf that got moved out of the way when I was making the soap and never made it to the oven. So, I punched it back down and remade the loaf adding some sugar and cinnamon.

Last week I had 3 stay at home no spend no gas days. Today I also stayed home.

I have decided want to put some rain barrels next to the guttering. I have a source for the plastic barrels for $7 each, so it is much cheaper to make my own. But, I am having a hard time finding the spouts that you connect into your guttering. Lehmans used to carry them but I didn't see them the last time I checked. To buy a rain barrell already set up is around $100 and I am wanting to set 4 of them. If I could find the guttering connection things I could do all 4 barrels for around $40.

Help. What have I done???

August 16th, 2009 at 06:57 pm

For some reason, only my blog appears in teany tiny print to me. It also does it at the library, so it isn't my computer settings.

I clicked on something and did it.

What did I do?? Any ideas???

My frugal idea

June 23rd, 2009 at 05:35 pm

I have been wanting a bike rack for some time now--the type that you see in playgrounds and parks. Right now we have 4 bikes scattered in the yard, and in a few weeks all "the cousins" will decend on our farm along with another family that has 5 kids (they are broke, so spending there vacation camping here so they can avoid hotel and eating out costs--we are near several FREE attractions and 2 state parks that are only $5 a day per car). All those will decend with their bikes also, so I have the potention of having 17 bikes in my yard...17 chances of running over one....

So, anyway I have been pricing them and they are big bucks. Then DING, the bell went off in my head with a great idea! I have a ton of landscape timbers which were given to me free from craigslist for a 4H project. (We needed 32 and the guy gave me 54 as he was going to burn them. Everyone in 4H took a few to use in their horse arena and we still have some left). Anyway, back to my idea, I am going to stand 2 of them up on end and bury in quickcrete. Then between them, I will put 2 to 3 lengths of black rod iron porch railing. I will have to saw out every 6th bar. I already have the quickcrete, so for $40 I will have a bike rack. It will be similar to the one I saw in a school supply book for $320.

So, that will be one of my projects for today. As soon as dd3 finishes feeding/watering animals we are off to Lowes as I have a $20 gift card from there from mypoints to apply to the project.

dd4 and dd5 are at church camp with several of their cousins. It is the same camp DH and I went to as kids.

What other frugal things have I done since I last blogged over a month ago????

Bought 4 grapes that were marked down to $6.99 a pot--normally I pay around $14 per plant. I also redid my orchard using more of the free timbers--I used the ones that were too short or too long for the 4H project.

I also found some rubber mulch, which means I won't have to keep replacing my mulched areas every year. It is from recycled tires and was on sale for only $1 a bag more than they wood mulch which seems to only last a year for me.

I also have been sewing--so far made 3 summer dresses for the girls, and have started in on a bunch of shorts and found fabric I forgot about (red wool) that was going to be a blanket years ago--now its enough to make 3 little girls winter coats. I will have to buy fabric for the lining though (unless I use some old satin curtins for that they are pink so it would be an ok color for it).

I have been couponing like crazy--Price Chopper last week had ragu for 99 cents a bottle and I had a bunch of 75 cent off coupons, so we stocked up--that made it cheaper than Aldi's sauce. Have also gotten free toothpaste, deoderant, soap and dishsoap from using coupons and CVS/Walgreen promotions.

My babysitting which was going to be 18 hours a week has been closer to 30 lately--but on the long 12-14 hour days I have them at my house which works wonderfully. The kids (city kids) can run, play on the farm and see the animals, and I can still be with my family and get my girls to and from their night activities--VBS, 4H and girl scouts. It has doubled my pay, so thats ok too!

Meanwhile we have at least 1/3 of our hay needed for this winter (free). We have cut our firt cutting here at the house. a friend cuts and bales it for us here and at our other farm. He takes half for the work and we get half for providing it. We should get 1 more cutting here, and then 2 at the farm. By summers end we will have all our winter hay supply at no cost to us. Plus, here at the house it is less mowing for me to do, and less $$ spent for mowing fuel.

I have a speaking engagement on being thrifty!!

May 12th, 2009 at 10:54 pm

I have been asked to speak to a group later this month on couponing and being thrifty. It is to a group of about 45 seniors. The majority of them are NOT computer savy, so I have been asked to give ways to save that do not involved the computer. Some can't/don't drive.

I have started a rough list of topics to cover--any additions or ideas are welcome.

CVS/WALGREEN/Dollar General savings
traveling savings
utility savings
cooking from scratch

9 days the $$ start

May 9th, 2009 at 06:02 pm

We made it through the first 9 days of the month. Next weekend the $$ start. To date, we have something like 2 weddings, 7 graduations and party invites and a baby shower......

All are family or very close friends, so a gift will be needed for each.

The baby shower really doesn't count as needing a gift--I make baby blankets and have 3 on hand already--a boy, a girl and an either or. I also have a few bibs I have cross stitched, so will give her one of those as well. I also have a bag full of baby items I got free from CVS or Walgreens that I will throw in--it includes several things such as a baby thermometer, small sized containers of powder, lotions and shampoo and 2 small packages of a dozen diapers.

I hate to just give cash, but you know what? It may be best. I am sure all the grads could use the cash as all are planning on college and I know the newly weds would welcome it as well.

Gearing up for a busy week

May 1st, 2009 at 11:24 pm

This week I only worked (childsat) 2 days. Next week she needs me 5 days and possibly 6. The nice part is, I can watch them at my home if I need to be home for something. So next week unless it changes
M,T, TH and Fri 9-4. Wed 5am-8pm and possible 5am-8pm on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to make an emergency trip back home--my renters have a bat in the house. My theory is either a fireplace cap has blown off or the dryer vent hose is off or has a hole. Hopefully it will be an easy fix either way. AND, hopefully the bat won't get me! How do I get the bat out once I find it is my question......animal control doesn't help on those types of calls, plus being Saturday they will be closed anyway. I HATE BATS. Just incase you wondered how I feel about them, you know now...

Now, the girls and I are off to see a homeschool musical that kids in our coop did. We saw a sample of it earlier this week, and it should be very very good.

Am I the crazy one here??

April 30th, 2009 at 03:56 am

DD2 (actually step daughter) is apprently getting married next month. 3rd time this has been planned to the 3rd man--the first 2 dropped her before the wedding....

DH already gave her $500 for his 1/3 of her dress--she is paying 1/3 and so is grandma. $1500 for a dress that grandma is sewing herself... fabric must be made of gold.

This is the step daugher that stole our id, forged checks, stole credit cards, police dog and more--she has been in jail 3 times that we know of. Debtors call here weekly looking for her, and she does not live here.

The man she is marrying just did time for rape--only they don't call it rape anymore--it is now sexual abuse. He is also currently going through classes for anger control and domestic relationships. I don't feel he is a good choice, and I don' want my 3 young daughters around him. He has a violent temper, has done time for it (just got out last month) and has a filthy mouth.

Since I voiced my opinion, I am now the blacksheep. DH family won't talk to me. DH got an invition to the wedding address to him only. Even if I and the little girls were invited, I doubt we would go.

Now I hear there were 2 bridal showers (which I was unaware of) and that the rumor is going around that I refused to go. THAT is what bothers me--instead of saying I was not there because I was not invited, the bride lied and said I refused.

Poor hubby is stuck in the middle. He wants to attend the wedding, it is his daughter dispite her problems and who knows, maybe this deadbeat will turn her around (??) and it will work out.

Am I crazy for stating I don't think marrying a former rapist is a good thing??? My mother in law thinks I am wrong for putting the poor man down when he is trying to overcome this. She now has me and my attitude on her church prayer lists. Of course, she left out the fact that he is on the sex offenders list........

Race Day

April 25th, 2009 at 05:52 pm

I have the cooler packed with sandwhiches for all, chips, pudding and applesauce, bananas and bottled water. We will refill our bottles there, and save $4.50 a bottle (high price for water imo). In case it rains (which they say it will) I have my walmart 88 cent rain ponchos, since the ones they sell at Kansas Speedway are $7 each. Today I am taking my girls, my nephew and my brother as DH is working. Tomorrow it will be all of us and possibly my nephew again. Tomorrow I will again pack our meal. I am too cheap to buy the $7 hotdogs.......Tomorrow if the weather holds we will go after church and take the grill and grill/eat in the parking lot before and after the race. It always takes us over an hour to get out, and then the kids are hungry, so this time we will watch everyone else sit in line while we eat.

My old fashioned kids...

April 17th, 2009 at 02:54 am

DD3 just called a radio station to ask them to play a song. They are crowded around the radio with a tape player to tape it.....

Just like their momma in the 1970's...

Simple and cheap!!!

We finished the pig pen today and moved the pigs in. They seem happy. The chickens sent a welcome wagon over to them-in shifts. About 4 groups of 5 came to visit them. Rather funny to watch.

DH is going to think I am nuts when he gets home...

April 14th, 2009 at 12:03 am

I went into the feed store after nannying today to buy a couple of metal (dog proof) chicken feed and water bases. These are the kind that go on a mason jar.

On they way out, I noticed the poultry had a reduced sign. Peeking ducks were down to $1 each....So, frugal person I am, I bought everyone they had left. Last week I bought some and they were $4 each. All are females. These are part of the same batch, so when I brought them home (to the rabbit hutch in the storage area of our basement) they were all so excited to see their sisters from back at the store. Right now there is alot of peeping going on in the basement. I also have some baby chicks down there as well, since the weather turned cool and tonight there is a freeze warning out.

On the way home, some broke loose. Ever try to drive a stick shift with a duck under the clutch and another sitting by the gear shift?? I had a heck of a time pulling over to recapture them.

I can sell organic duck eggs for $3 to several gals at church and at the homeschool coop. So I will make my money on them back and then some.

More money spent in effort to save/make $

April 12th, 2009 at 06:40 pm

I have blogged several times that I am trying to turn my earned babysitting money into more money, but doing things with it that will save more money in the long run. Last week we bought pigs to add to that list. 6 of them. They are 11 weeks old.

So the list as of now:
screen doors
turbo tax to do our own taxes ($170 savings)
battery charger & rechargeable batteries
pig hut
CFL light bulbs
and there should be 2 more on the list but I forgot!!!!

Please read this if you are in Missouri

April 7th, 2009 at 06:30 pm

I am too lazy to type it all again, but basically the state tried to cut in half, the funding to our Missouri County Extension offices and 4H. Basically half of the staff and offices would close and they would combine with a nearby county.

The funding has been given back, but in 2 weeks they start the new budget and may take it away again. Please read my other blog for all the info and who you can contact.

This is funding for 4H, county fairs, extension offices and more. Thanks!

More snow today. Where is spring?????

April 7th, 2009 at 02:03 am

At least so far, none of the snow is sticking. There is a hard freeze warning out for tonight.

I got the taxes finished!!!! Yee haw. I had free e-filing for the federal, but to e-file the state was $16 and I'm too cheap, so I will snail mail it tomorrow. We are getting a refund on both.

I used turbo tax-paid $80 for it, but last year the CPA charged us close to $300 and it was full of erros that were NOT in our favor, so I don't think I can do any worse. I have used turbo tax many times in the past with good luck so I am sure it is right.

3 no spenders

April 6th, 2009 at 04:15 am

3 days last were no spend days! Today was also a no spending day as well. This evening the kids and I went to a very well done Easter play--very professional, great music, good costumes and sets--and it was also free. They really had some people who could sing--much much better than half that junk on the radio!!

Sadly, many of the churches around here are starting to charge for entrance to their Christmas and Easter plays. The fee is to cover their "hollywood production" costs. I, on the other hand would rather see what we saw tonight. One where you actually know the performers and a little less pazazz. It was a little over 2 hours long and an hour drive one way to get there. But, worth every bit. The kids had several friends in it as well as one of the teachers from the homeschool coop.

This week it looks like I will be nannying 3 days. Since DH is on nights and will be home during the day I will take turns taking 1 girl with me each day to do some one on one with schoolwork, while the other 2 stay at home.

This Friday night is our Passover dinner at church. It is always very interesting as it is a study in Jewish customs. It normally draws a good crowd. Each year we learn more that we missed or forgot from the year prior. Wed night a bunch of us are meeting at the church to make the bread-matza-I think that is spelled right.....

I'm firing up the old lady!

March 26th, 2009 at 05:43 pm

Last week I got Ol Betty out of her storage parking spot (by the barn) and drove her around to the front garage. Now, before you imange me driving an old woman with a whip, let me explain that Ol Betty is my 99 Chevy Suburban. I parked her when gas went over $4 a gallon. I then bought my manual Chevy Aveo which gets 34-37 mpg. So, she has been parked except for a few trips around the farm to check fences and to keep her battery and spirit up.

But, I miss Ol Betty. The kids have more room in Betty and she has a TV and lots of storage room (think going to Aldi for a stockup in a hatch back with 3 kids.....or in a pickup on a sunny calm with food blowing in the back as it starts to rain from no where.......)

Now I am watching 2 little ones, that is 5 kids and the Aveo will only hold a total of 5. Dare I let them go off without me??? NO.

DH broke Bettys mirror--playing ball with the dog. So, for $12.95 I got her a new mirror off of ebay (brand new-correct color and everything). At 2:30 she has an appointment to get inspected, then we will go to the license bureau.

I just hope she passes. Her tires are border line. She has better tires, but they aren't on her. I want to drive her tomorrow, but DH is working so can't put her other tires on till Sunday. I refuse to pay the $60 to swap out her tires at the inspection shop.

My insurance company has a program now where they only charge insurance when you drive the vehicle. I need her every other Friday. So I will pay full coverage every other Friday, and reduced coverage the rest of the time.

She is a good looking truck. Black and shiny with lots of chrome and all the extras. She came from the KC Cheifs--used to pull the PR trailer to events around town, then I bought her in 2003. She pulled the first camper we had through over half our states, showing my daughters and I our land. She is ready to go again!

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