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mogrel dogs and cow update

February 12th, 2007 at 03:56 pm

New calf born this morning. What a wild morning. Started at 5:3. All the phones in the house started ringing nonstop. DH sleep thru it all. His cell, my cell and the house phone. He was wanted in on overtime. (he just got home from working 12 hours ot and needs sleep) 2 schools wanting me to sub--but, I wanted to spend time with DH since he has worked 4 12 hr shifts only off 2, then back on for another 4. His days off lately have been on days when I taught, so we missed each other.

Then in the middle of phone grand station...the mongrel cow chasing dog from down the road shows up, dragging all 5 of her ugly pups along and decides to give them calf chasing lessons. Had my beagle howling, my lab barking, horses running nuts, cows mooing and again, DH sleeps thru it all.

I finally get her and her ugly off-spring run off the place and one of the cows is still carrying on. It was Amelelia, and she is sort of senstive and she is also due to calf next month. So, I go to calm her down and she drops a calf at me feet. A little grey one with big brown eyes. Literly dropped it. Her first one, so she had an easy deliverly. I think that mongrel mutt scared it out of her--she had 6 weeks left to go. If the calf doesn't make it the mongrel won't either....

And, DH is still sleeping.... (But, he is tired-one extra ot day, then ot on top of his normal 12 hours, so he needs to do some catching up)

Mongrel dog and her babies also knocked over the trash can. I thought it had all burned, but it handnt, so now I have to go pick it up before the snow starts. Supposed to have 6 inches by tomorrow noon.

When momma cow calms down, I will have to go and sex the cow. If its a boy, I can't get attached. (hamburger and steak), but if its a girl, she will get a name.

That makes 3 calves since Jan 8, and one more still on the way.

New total

February 11th, 2007 at 07:51 pm

One of my ebay sales did a paypal this morning:
old total $27.70
sale 6.60
new total $34.30

More $ coming in from ebay

February 10th, 2007 at 01:09 am

I have 2 more auctions ending on ebay tonight. It would be nice if they would paypal the payment tonight, or early in the morning. I have to go to town tomorrow and would like to combine trips since its 8 miles to the post office. I won't count it in my challenge though till they pay it.

I sub taught today. Had first grade again. They behaved pretty good. I have been at this school enough now that they are learning I don't mess around. One little guy told me his brother "warned him about me" Hummmm. I'm not mean, but I do want them to be quiet and listen. They are also learning that sometimes I reward them for good behavior, when they are not expecting it. So, that is going in my favor big time.

Cash 4 books still has not received the box I sent them....guess I am getting impatient. But, with my auctions and the books, if it all came in as paid, it would equal the water bill. For now, I am leaving the money in paypal to get a penney or two of interest. (penney saved is a penney earned...of course when Ben Franklin said that, a penney was worth a lot more than it is now)

$20 Challenge

February 9th, 2007 at 03:22 pm

Sold a pair of jeans on ebay. So, adding $7.70 (the selling price-postage was extra) to my challenge. That now makes a total of $27.70.

I think I will leave the money in my paypal account as it is earning over 5% interest and will be easier to track that way.

The books I sent off to cash4books still have not arrived. I am not counting any of the money till I get it in hand.
I have another ebay auction ending later today that has a bid on it already.

Home hum day...

February 8th, 2007 at 11:14 pm

I had today off, got caught up on some housework and took a much needed nap .

I subbed 2 days last week and am teaching 4 days this week. Yesterdays teaching job was different--I got mooned by a kindergartner. He went to the office and came back later with a different attitude.

We had a calf born yesterday morning. All went well.

My books still have not arrived at that I mailed over a week ago. But, since they go media mail, it will take awhile.

I listed some brand new jeans-washed, never worn on ebay, that don't fit me anymore. I found them in a box in the basement-I forgot I even got them.

I also got another 2 boxes unpacked from the basement as well. They were mainly kitchen items.

My tenants still have not mailed me their rent that was due last week. So, today I typed them up a letter to mail to them reminding them they now owe a late fee.

$3.50 spent

February 4th, 2007 at 11:50 pm

Spent $3.50 for milk today on the way home from church. Had a potluck dinner at church and did the Dave Ramsey thing this afternoon so the guys could watch the superbowl tonight.

Got to see DH for about 20 minutes when we got home, then he left for work. This week he is nights, so I won't see him again until Tuesday evening, due to my sub teaching this week. He works 12 hr shifts, and has an hour commute, so he gets home after I leave, and sleeps, then is gone before I get home. Since we haven't been married but 7 months, he probably thinks he is single again.

Who left their pants in my bedroom??

February 4th, 2007 at 03:03 am

Since I got married and moved in this house in June, there has been a pile of brand new looking jeans on the floor of the bedroom in the corner.

I asked DH #1, why where his jeans on the floor, and #2 when did he intend to pick them up??

He gave me a blank look--says they are not his pants, he thought they were mine!!!

Well, one pair does fit me, so I grabbed it.

The other 5 pairs won't fit him or me.

No one in this house wears that size-actually, they are all sized different. All are brand new, but no tags-they look like they were washed 1 time, maybe worn 1 time.
So, I am listing them on ebay.

The way they are sized, looks to me like 6 people left their pants in our room!!! 6 different sizes!

Spent $25 today getting deisel in the truck. Ate lunch at a friends house, no money spent there.

Books not selling

February 2nd, 2007 at 03:54 pm

So far, not a single book I have put on has sold. But, since it is free, I will keep listing them.

My routine is, first check it on cash4books. If they buy it great, I'll sell it to them. If they don't, then it goes onto I have about 7 more boxes of books, then some grocery bags full.

Does anyone know of a way to rid ones basments of paperback books and make some $$ doing it? I have put them on craigslist and on the local radio swap. no luck. There are no bookstores or anything around here that buys them either.

I am to sub today, for 1/2 day, and I sub 4 days next week as well.