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Cheap party

October 31st, 2006 at 01:38 am

Saturday we had a cheap party. It cost us under $100 and we had at least 127 people that came to it. We had it outdoors (weather was perfect) and for the most part, people were free to just wander around the farm. We set up horseshoes, volleyball, badmitten, fishing in the ponds,tetherball, & crocket. We also had 1 of the horses saddled up and gave rides in the arena. We had a 4 wheeler and friends brought another one, and older kids gave younger kids rides (helmets were worn). We also had a bonfire for a weiner roast, and ended it with a 4.5 mile hayride. We provided the table service, ice tea, ice, all condiments and baked beans. Each family brought hotdogs/buns/marshmellows and a covered dish to share. It went over real well and we had a lot of compliments. Meanwhile, I heard a woman in a waiting room complaining today that they had a $1500 party last week, and in addition had a huge beer bill on top of that. I think I will stick with what we did again for next year, but next year we will add a haunted house in the barn, and start it a little earlier in the day.