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yesterdays shopping

November 3rd, 2009 at 08:20 pm

Yesterday we hit up CVS--rechargeable batteries were buy 1 pack get 1 pack free and Dawn dish soap was 97 cents a bottle, and I had some 75 cent off coupons. So, we spent around $20, less $10 cvs bucks, so $10 cash out of hand, but I earned $1.50 CVS and then found andother $5 CVS bonus buck coupon in the car, so will go back and get more batteries with that.

Then we went to Aldi, and I spent my usual $180 that will last us for around 8 weeks. By the case I bought: corn, green beans, mushrooms, 6 cases of soup, pie fillings, peaches, pears, mixed fruits, peas, limi beans, mandarian oranages,carrots, chili beans, speg sauce, frozen chicken parmasauin, sweet potatoe pies, butter, koolaide mix, hot cocoa mix, frozen chickens and oatmeal. Case sizes run from 18-36 items per case.

The girls carried it all downstairs to the pantry, but it has not been rotated in yet and put on the shelves.

Then we went to walmart and I got 20 lb bags of flour, cornmeal, sugar and 10 lbs of salt. These items I store in my garage in a deepfreeze I was given for free because it doesn't work. It stays airtight, moisture free and pest free. Those large bags are just too heavy to haul to the basement pantry anyway.

We worked up a bunch of free pears, and apples, and now I have a few pumpkins to do. Then I am ready for the snow to fly.

I did hear that some Walmart stores are selling turkey this week for 40 cents a pound. If the one nearest us is, I will get a few later this week.