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Busy days ahead (long entry-sorry)

March 20th, 2006 at 12:33 am

Well, the bf and I finally set a date. I now have 2.5 months to sell my house, sell what I don't need, and move what I am going to keep. The kids items are what I am starting with. All the outside toys that they have outgrown I have sold, except for 2. So far the girls have raised $145 from those items. (I am letting them keep what money we get from toys that were theirs.) That money will go to new outside toys when we get moved to the farmhouse. They are wanting a trampolene, basketball goal and wooden swingset/climber. Their old swingset we will have to sell with the house, as it is too hard to move, and the legs are set in concrete. Their playhouse will be the hardest to move. I quickly went thru their closets once, and removed 4 trashbags of clothes they had outgrown, and sold them for $50. I need to go thru their closets again. I know there are probably another 4 or more trashbags full. They get clothes from older cousins, and are the last of the 'girl line'-so no one left for them to pass them down to. Most of what I have sold so far, I have listed on our local ISP website, under the classified ad section.
I was going to take a load of stuff I plan to keep to his house today, but he called and said not to come up. They are getting about 8 inches of snow. We were afraid I would get snowed in. I have been on vacation all week, and it just would not go over at work if I called in the first day back. (Where I work, they fire people for that).I had thought I would take up my canning supplies, and jars, fist tank, and my sewing stuff. His basement has never been finished (new house) and I am cleaning it, and setting up one area at a time as I take stuff there. First, is the basement bathroom. I need to mud, tape, sand and paint it. Then I have a small antique table I plan to move into it. That will free up some space in my bedroom. Next, There is an area in his basement that I plan to lay stake on. One side I will put my deepfreeze, gas cooking stove and extra refrigerator on, and put in some shelves. this will be my canning and pantry area. Those shelves will be about 14 feet long (sturdy boards and concrete blocks)That will be my pantry area, and hold extra food, canned food, bathroom supplies and holiday decorations. Across from it, I plan on putting some cabinets I have (like bottom kitchen cabinets with a counter top on them) that house all my sewing supplies. The main part of the basement we will put a TV, my diningroom set (for holiday dinner overflows) and my couch, which opens up to a full sized bed, and bookcases, and antique pot bellied stove. He has an antique bar, which came out of a railroad car, and plans to set it up there also (even though we don't drink-but its beautiful wood and can be used for snacks and soda). That will give us an extra family/dining/craft area, and with the sofa bed, and private full bath down there, can double as a guest area. PLUS, since he lives in the middle of no where (really does) and is further north, the electric often goes out. The basement would keep us warmer, and would be more comfy if we have to hide out there during one of the many tornados that we tend to have here.
Hopefully tonight yet, I can go thru the twins dressers and closets one more time and clear out some more clothes. I have been doing laundry all day since church, and pulling out all the size 6 and 6x as I go along. I am not sure if I will sell these on the internet too, or wait for a garage sale. I have 2 weeks off in April, that I could have a sale in. My last day to work will be the end of May or first of June, so I have to use all my vacation days by then, or I lose them.
After that, I get to become a stay at home farm wife/mom. Big garden, chickens, going to add more cows, some pigs, ducks, geese, turkeys, sheep--all of it.

Money from sales

March 3rd, 2006 at 04:45 am

Today was my day off. I spent the day doing some deep cleaning and decluttering. Then I listed a ton of stuff on our local classified website and several things have already been sold-not bad for the first day. Made about $80 just today, and still have another $120 listed.