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Hanging out at the library

September 30th, 2008 at 03:20 pm

The kids are taking a 1 hour class here at the library. I forgot what the topic was, but it sounded good. We have been taking classes here and at another branch 1-3 times a week. So far this month they have had astromony; Mexican day; learned about Ireland; the history of checkers-how to play the game and made their own boards; the Amazon; leaf art; basic finances...

All the classes are free. While they are in class I grab a computer. Since we are dialup I can get on the library which is DSL and clean out my mail in a fraction of the time it takes at home.

Actually though, I think it was the library where my password was comprimised and my email and accounts were hacked. It was done about a month ago by a family member, through my library card (which we have to use for access to the library computers). So, now I have a new library card with a new password. And, I change my library internet password each week.

Last week I got several great finds off of free cycle to use in our classroom (we homeschool). A set of cubbies, and a mail organizer with 48 slots, and some books. Later this week I pick up 2 corkboards that are 3x4.

Last night we got our first frost. So today, I will probably start pulling up the corn from the garden. Part I will keep for decorations, and the rest will throw to the horses, cows and chickens. However the frost does not seem to have bothered my okra, beans or tomatoes and peppers.

Computer 'problem' solved and the flood

September 15th, 2008 at 11:28 pm

My computer has been doing weird things, or so I thought. Emails were held up for several days or disappeared. People sent me things I never go, ones I sent never arrived....THEN, a bid I made on ebay said it was retracted by me (I never retracted it) and a site I write for had entires I never recalled making. So, I have been working with tech support of our ISP. We were hacked. I am bad. real bad. Quite a few of my passwords were the same. The ones that were the same were messed with. The ones that had another password were not. I should have had a different password for everything (but I'm too old to remember them all.) The ISP can't tell me who-that would take law enforcement to get involved, but they can tell me where (what part of the state) the person was at--they told me where, and it pretty much narrowed it down to a family member who has had such issues in the past.... So, passwords are now changed and all are different....Lesson learned. I guess I need to read through my posts on here and see if they are all really my posts, or have been edited or deleted......

Then, IKE made his way to Missouri....well, not all of IKE, just his rainfall. The gutters were overloaded and it all came into the basement. We lost quite a few books (more are still drying in the oven). What a mess. We have bought the items to reinforce the guttering and drain it way away from the house, and will do that tomorrow.

Got paid to clean my own office

September 9th, 2008 at 04:01 pm

I cleaned off DH desk, then mine. I found a forgotten $22 check on mine, and a $141 check that was never even opened on his desk.

I think the man owes me dinner out--what do you think????

I am wanting to paint the office, but am debating on the color. Right now its eggshell. It has 2 windows that over look the back pasture (horses and ponds) so it gets plenty of light. One door leading into the office (off the kitchen) is a solid oak door, and the door that leads into the living room is a oak and glass door--the glass is the old time wavy glass. The bathroom off of the office is sage green.

The office is kind of a western theme--a horse collar mirror, and a set of 5 large horse pictures framed in hunter green mats with leather frames and brass nails. The desks and file cabinet are also oak.

There is also a love seat in the office that can open into a twin bed, so the room can double as a guest room with its private bath.

I am tired of the eggshell colored walls. Ideally, I'd like to go a leather brown or dark color, but DH thinks that is too dark. (carpet is light tan) I am almost considering wallpapering it. Then I had another idea of a darker tan on the walls and a leather type border, or darker tan and an oak beadboard on the lower part of the walls.

I need a decorator, but I am too frugal to hire one!! (So, I am quizzing you all)

more canning to do

September 8th, 2008 at 04:03 am

I saw my parents today, and they brought me a huge cooler full of concord grapes. So, tomorrow I will be canning those, as well as more apples.

(Guess we won't be getting scurvy this winter!!!)

Some local boys were killed this weekend, drinking and driving. They also hit another car head on--no news on how those are doing. Seems things like that hit the small towns really hard--effects the entire town, since everyone knows everyone. And, it hurts more when they are young people. I just hope the other kids learn from their mistake.

Not as planned

September 4th, 2008 at 01:11 am

I hate getting old.

10 years ago I would have gone to the city today. But it just rained too much. I didn't want to get out and get the kids out in it. So, will have to do my trip tomorrow.

10 years ago I would not have gotten the speghetti out of the pantry and laid it down and lost it. So much for speghetti for supper tonight. I did elbow macaroni noodles instead, so we are calling it Italian Goloush....

10 years ago I would not of forgotten I already made a gallon of tea and made another....

10 years ago, I had a housekeeper who did my cooking and cleaning (because I just delivered twins and just came off of bedrest). That is all I'd like to go back to though...

But, today ended up being a NS and NF (no fuel) day. Yee haw.


September 3rd, 2008 at 07:08 pm

So, I can't do much outside. We now have al the apples picked except for the last 4 trees--2 are regular apples and 2 are crabapples.

So, I will start in on some applesauce today, work up a few beans and okra we picked last night and make a trip to the city later to see if I can find some more of my supplies for my class.

If I get enough energy (IF) I may paint my DD3 bathroom. I already have the paint (free paint-bought it with a gift card I earned at MYPOINTS).

DD3 also has a friend spending the night--she is also from a homeschooling family that attends our church and lives in our same neck of the woods.

As I have been putting this years food into the freezer, we are trying to finish up the last of last years. In a bit I will make some zuchinni bread-I'll put it in the oven with some bread that is raising now and bake it together. For supper, I think we will have speghetti and garlic bread with greenbeans, salad & applesauce. All homemade or grown here on the place except for the pasta.

Scrawney Turkey

September 3rd, 2008 at 04:34 am

I just took a turkey out of the oven, that had been in the deepfreeze for well--since Easter. It tastes wonderful, but was the scrawniest bird I have ever baked. It was a free one however, for spending a certain amount at the store.

Usually we get 4 or 5 meals off one, plus soup. I think this is a 2 or 3 meals plus soup bird.

Jackpot at the store

September 2nd, 2008 at 07:18 pm

I went to the store for about 4 things. I came out with over 100.

All the school supplies were marked way way down. Friday I start teaching a weather class and each child needs a notebook for it. 13 young kids are in the first class and 41 older students are in the 2nd class.

3 ring binders were 50 cents a peice. So I bought all that they had which amounted to 54 3 ring binders. I thought it neat that I had 54 students and they had 54 left on the shelf. I will get reimbursed back from the homeschool ccop for the notebooks. For my class, there was a $10 supply fee. I had planned on $2 per notebook, so either kids will get some of their supply money back, or when I buy the items for their weather stations (each kid will make and keep their own) I can get better quality items.

I also bought some pocket folders marked down to 9 cents each, 3 yarns that were marked down to $1.20 each (knit my brother and nephew scraves or hats for Christmas)

They also had the bags of the popcicle sticks that you freeze for 25 cents each. So I bought all they had of those as well.

Now that I am home, I noticed the toothpaste that I got for $1 was rung up at 1.99, and the rubbermade containers I got for DD1 that were marked $2.69 rung up at $6.99. I called the store, and when we go in for 4H I am to bring the items and the receipt. I will be refunded my money and I get to keep the items. So $11 back to my pocket. Yee haw.

They are grounded

September 2nd, 2008 at 04:52 pm

The chickens that is. I caught them in the garden last night, so today, they are grounded to their coup and their small fenced in area.

I will keep them grounded until we get another round of beans and okra picked, which should be today or tomorrow. It looks like it could rain.

Today was going to be a NS day, but I am heading to the little store here shortly. DH broke BOTH shoe laces on his tennis shoes, and they are black. All we have here are white ones, so off I go. Sopunds like a simple thing to find, but not in this little town.

Amtrack anyone?

September 2nd, 2008 at 03:33 am

I keep meaning to post about my recent train trip and I forget. We moved DD1 to Chicago via moving truck and came back by train. We could have flown, for twice the price in 45 minutes time. But, we took the 9 hour train for less than half the price. It was a very nice ride and we got to see a lot of pretty country. It was a little faster than driving, and we didn't have to stop to eat, stretch or for restroom breaks. The seats were more comfortable than a plane and we could move around more.

Amtrack has a reward program. I didn't find out about it until AFTER our trip, but signed us up for it anyway. Then, after thinking about it, I called them. I had to read the numbers from our tickets off, and they added them on, so we already have points on our accounts. We can also earn points by shopping at certain businesses as well. It works much like a frequent flier program, in that we can get discounted tickets and hotel rooms with our points.

If anyone is thinking about trying out a train next time you travel, I would highly recommend.

FYI the dining car is pricey--$21 for a dinner, but you can bring on a cooler and the snack car even served hamburgers, hotdogs, we ate our own snacks and in the snack car instead of the dining car.

Last dog is gone

September 2nd, 2008 at 02:51 am

Our dog selling days are over. The last dog to leave is gone. We have one remaining puppy which we plan on keeping. Hopefully no more preg dogs enter our life for awhile, but I think it would be a way to make some side money AFTER the kids are all old enough to not cry (major drama) after each one is sold. I do have to admit, baby beagles are one of the cuter dogs. I like it when they learn to run--the back feet go faster than the front feet, then they can't stop-stopping results in a sommersault of sorts.

Today was a no spend, no fuel day. Good way to start the month. I do have to spend some later this week, but I will be reimbursed for it all. I need to buy some supplies for the weather class I am teaching that starts on Friday.

We picked more corn, beans, okra and some peppers tonight. Still a bunch of apples left to pick as well.