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I have a speaking engagement on being thrifty!!

May 12th, 2009 at 10:54 pm

I have been asked to speak to a group later this month on couponing and being thrifty. It is to a group of about 45 seniors. The majority of them are NOT computer savy, so I have been asked to give ways to save that do not involved the computer. Some can't/don't drive.

I have started a rough list of topics to cover--any additions or ideas are welcome.

CVS/WALGREEN/Dollar General savings
traveling savings
utility savings
cooking from scratch

9 days the $$ start

May 9th, 2009 at 06:02 pm

We made it through the first 9 days of the month. Next weekend the $$ start. To date, we have something like 2 weddings, 7 graduations and party invites and a baby shower......

All are family or very close friends, so a gift will be needed for each.

The baby shower really doesn't count as needing a gift--I make baby blankets and have 3 on hand already--a boy, a girl and an either or. I also have a few bibs I have cross stitched, so will give her one of those as well. I also have a bag full of baby items I got free from CVS or Walgreens that I will throw in--it includes several things such as a baby thermometer, small sized containers of powder, lotions and shampoo and 2 small packages of a dozen diapers.

I hate to just give cash, but you know what? It may be best. I am sure all the grads could use the cash as all are planning on college and I know the newly weds would welcome it as well.

Gearing up for a busy week

May 1st, 2009 at 11:24 pm

This week I only worked (childsat) 2 days. Next week she needs me 5 days and possibly 6. The nice part is, I can watch them at my home if I need to be home for something. So next week unless it changes
M,T, TH and Fri 9-4. Wed 5am-8pm and possible 5am-8pm on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to make an emergency trip back home--my renters have a bat in the house. My theory is either a fireplace cap has blown off or the dryer vent hose is off or has a hole. Hopefully it will be an easy fix either way. AND, hopefully the bat won't get me! How do I get the bat out once I find it is my question......animal control doesn't help on those types of calls, plus being Saturday they will be closed anyway. I HATE BATS. Just incase you wondered how I feel about them, you know now...

Now, the girls and I are off to see a homeschool musical that kids in our coop did. We saw a sample of it earlier this week, and it should be very very good.