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Is the Sunday paper worth it?

January 11th, 2010 at 08:04 pm

I used to get the KC paper for 99 cents. Now I pay $2.15. I had someone ask me if it was worth it. YES. I use the coupons in it, and often you find coupons in the paper itself, in areas other than the inserts (which are coupons you can also print off line for free). Plus, some of our stores don't take self printed coupons.

Last week, with using coupons from the paper, I received free, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 2 chapsticks, 1 package of cheese and 3 candybars. Then I spent $7 at CVS and Walgreen, but earned $12 bonus bucks for my next visit. With that $7 I bought 2 packages of rechargeable batteries and some soap. The batteries started out at $9.99 a package, but I used my bonus bucks from previous visits to bring the price down to only $7 out of pocket. I also paid $2 after rebate for a diabetic meter which I will donate.

I also find in the paper useful articles, such as the free days at various attractions such as the art gallery, and free programs put on at various community centers and libraries, and lots of neat articles--all which we can use for homeschooling.

So, for me, yes I save buyin that Sunday paper, and even turn it into a profit!

It is sooooo cold

January 7th, 2010 at 02:34 am

And tomorrow, it is supposed to be -30. Yes, that is 30 below 0. That is cold.

We are stocked up (as usual). People laughed when I moved here and created a huge pantry in the basement. I did it because we are so far from a grocery store. In the past it has come in handy several times and I think it will again this week.

A fire is going, the heat is set at 63. The living room (where the fireplace is at, is 71 with the fire going).

Todays tip is barter when you can. We get all our firewood for free. It comes off our farm, but we have someone else cut it on shares. The other guy cuts and splits it. He keeps 2/3 and we get 1/3. Between our 2 farms, we have enough wood on the ground from recent storms and a tornado to last both houses probably 3 or 4 winters.

We do the same thing with our hay. We grow and fertilize it. 2 other farmers cut, rake and bale it. From the first cutting they get 2/3 and we get 1/3. For each additional cutting we split it 50/50. (A good year yeilds 3 cuttings of hay).

In years past I have bartered/traded several things, such as child care for piano or swiming lessons, had my house cleaned for mending.....just exchange your talent for someone elses.

Got my scanner today

January 6th, 2010 at 02:49 am

Today I received by fed ex, my scanner for the Neilson Homescan. I got it all set up this evening, and entered a couple of items DH bought today at the grocery store.

It came with a gift catalogue. Providing I enter shopping and send in weekly, I earn points. Then I can redeem the points for gift items.

My mom did this several years ago and said it was kind of fun. At the time she did it, she earned cash.

I had been on a waiting list, and was rather surprised that it arrived so quickly. I was only on the waiting list for about 5 weeks or so.

Todays lesson

January 5th, 2010 at 07:40 pm

Actually, this is yesterdays lesson from my 13 year old. She and my DH had gone to town on a fire call, and afterwards called and asked if I needed anything. I asked her to get some trash bags.

When she got home she was all excited over what she bought. There were 38 in the box, and there was another brand that only had 16 in the box for the same price. She said these may not be made as well, but afterall, we are going to just use them to burn the trash, so that is what she got.

I am so proud of my kids for paying attention to the prices and sizes.

In the afternoon, she and DH "worked" outside in the snow and 12 degree weather. He got vehicles stuck, then had her unstick them. Being on the fire dept they have pulled numerous people out of the snow lately--most of which ended up in the snow stuck because they didn't know how to drive in it. She is learning how to rock a vehicle out, turn into a slide and such. She is just 13, so if they "practice" this every winter, she will have a lot of experience under her belt when she gets her license, and it will save her money from not having to pay for a tow. He also is teaching the girls how to change the oil, change tires, serpentine belts and other basic auto mechanics. According to DH, no daughter of his will be stuck by the road waiting for a man! For our homeschooling, we are counting this as "votech" hours.

More snow today

January 3rd, 2010 at 11:10 pm

I'm getting tired of it. It is pretty, but it's getting old. And, we are supposed to get more this week and colder temps.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get milk. $148 later.....we walked out. But, they had some really good sales that I could not pass up. Things that I normally buy and that stockpile good.

Then, they had the after Christmas specials--things I normally don't buy, but did at these prices--such as Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings for 75 cents each--nice buy since I also had some 75 cent off coupons--so some I bought for free. They also had stuffing mix (normally I make from scratch) for 49 cents a box, so I got several of those. 7 up for 79 cents a 2 liter, so I bought several, and OJ for half off. Also rice that was going out of date for 19 cents a bag (really, how can dried rice go out of date...)

My goal is to teach my kids a tip a day, so what I pointed out to them today was the sales carts next to the bread aisle. This is where they put the short expiration dates, dented cans, sliced cereal boxes (even though the waxed lining is intact). Best part here is, the still accept coupons on these items--so I often get from here for free. DD#5 thought that is was pretty neat that we ended up with some free deoderant from the carts (packing change-so on sale for $1 with a $1 off coupon).

Between todays trip and what we have, I have ingredents for meals for almost a full month. Two weeks ago I spent around $140 at Aldi and that should last us till Feb. So for 6 weeks worth of groceries, my total is $240--plus anymore milk we buy. That is for 5 people full time, and 7 people part of the time plus 2 babies that I sometimes sit here at my home.


January 3rd, 2010 at 01:37 am

Our high today was 7 above. This morning it was -7.

My money saving tip for today is on weddings--mainly from one we attended today::::

We went to a wedding today--it was a different and very fun one. Two of our firefighters got married, so the wedding was at the fire station. She wore the traditional gown, but the groom and attendants wore bunker gear.

Both had been married before (mid 30's couple) and didn't really need anything, so for their wedding, instead of a gift, they asked their guests to bring a covered dish. After the wedding, we had a sit down potluck dinner.

An uncle performed the cermoney, the location was free, food was free, centerpeices were borrowed. Dress was under $50. Music was provided by a CD player.

Total wedding cost, $50 for over 100 people.

It was too cold to do the traditional hosing down of the bride and groom and the fire truck ride. But it was fun. We finally left around 6 (it started at noon). We did help clean up--all the department pitched it and we had it cleaned up fairly quickly.

On the way home the kids and I discussed that yes, you can have a nice fun wedding without spending enough to buy a house.

new year and new goals

January 2nd, 2010 at 05:42 am

I am going to try and do at least one money saving thing a day, that I can share with my kids--sort of a daily lesson for them.

So, the lesson for today was making potato soup using a bunch of leftovers. Basically I made potato soup and added the cleaning out of the refrigerator to it--so it contained potatoes, 1/2 can of evaporated milk left from a Christmas salad, 1/2 can of cream of celery soup, some left over corn, 1/2 bag of shredded cheese left from tacos, 2 left over carrots diced up, 3 peices left over bacon, 1/2 of a left over onion and a handful of left over baby shrimp.

It was a hit, and the only "new food" in it was the potatoes. It made a crockpot full and we ate about 1/2 of it tonight with enough left for one more meal. If we don't eat it by Sunday I will freeze it.

Last night the girls and I went to a lock in at church. It cost us $10 each, but was a night full of all we could eat food, and games. They had drawings, and I won a shirt and one of the girls won a free pass to camp--which we were already signed up to go to, so that really excited her. She got to pick her own prize and picked it to "save momma the money". As a reward for her thinking like that, when camp time comes, I plan on putting half of her camp fee into her savings account.

Happy New Year everyone!!