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December 8th, 2009 at 07:20 pm

Yea!! My auction ended at around $20 including the shipping. I'm happy.

the cost of snow

December 8th, 2009 at 07:00 pm

Ever wonder what it costs each time it snows?? We have several inches at my house and it is still coming down. The public school is in session and as far as I know the businesses are open (most in this small town are owned by the same family anyway)....

OK, I nanny for a family 2-3 days a week. Some days at my house, some at theirs--really depends on what is going on. Today I am at theirs-they are 15 miles south of me, and have 1/2 the amount of snow we do. In fact, you can still see the ground and it has stopped. They called off school. Some stores are closed. WHY???

Maybe it is because I live in a farming town and most of us have 4x4. The other is more of a suburb and has a lot of city people in it. They are freaking out. Like seeing Texans in a Michigan snow storm....the stuff really won't melt you-honest.

My poor kids--we homeschool, so school goes on-snow or no snow, although they will have an extended "PE" time for sledding.

woo hoo

December 4th, 2009 at 08:44 pm

My (kids) carhartts for sale on ebay are going to sell for at least double what I bought the new bigger pair for at the thrift store!! the auction isn't over yet, so they could go for more.

Scored 5 free light bulbs at the free lunch at the light co, cuz next to me were some ladies bussed in from a nursing/assist home. They didn't want theres--they home has all floursent lights in it. so, they passed their on to me! (probably felt sorry for me with 5 kids..acutally they babies were very well behaved)

The shop called. My car is done, and GM is asorbing the costs. I think the entire motor was replaced. It has been at the dealership for over 3 weeks, and they gave us another vehicle to use.

And, tonight is DH free work dinner, so supper is free for us too!

free lunch for today

December 4th, 2009 at 04:07 pm

Today I, and my family (along with the babies I am watching today) get to go to a free lunch at the electric company. They do this 2-3 times a year. Todays lunch is chili and soup, and we get free light bulbs (cfl's) and get to register for various prizes.

All this year I was on their focus group, and in addition to being paid for that, I was given a CASE of free light bulbs (CFL's) at the last meeting.

Our baby calf born yesterday seems to be doing well, despite it being in the teens last night. It has a very soft warm coat, and slept in the middle of the cow "huddle" during the night. The momma is not a barn cow, so they are outside. It would make the momma nervous to try and stahl it, then she would not feed it. So, they will stay out.

I picked up an extra day of childcare this week--normally I try to do something to make money or save money with my earnings, but I think with this check it will either go into Christmas or kids activities. The 13 year old is thinking about going to 4H leadership camp in Feb, so I may use this check for her reg. Normally, we "live" off my DH check, and my childcare money is my "extra".

Surprise birth this morning

December 4th, 2009 at 05:17 am

No, not me, but I got your attention, didn't I??? One of our Angus cows gave birth, and we didn't even know she was expecting. I did know we have 2 others that are, but not her. Around here that baby is worth $400 or more, so hopefully she will make it.

Why does everything on this farm pick the coldest day to give birth or hatch its young???

We went and picked up the last of the gifts for our little Christmas angel today. We kind of spoiled her, but thats ok. She lives in a Christian children's home and we will get to be with her when she opens them. She is the same age as my girls so she fits right in. It is the same children's home that we go to church camp with and some of the house parents have been members of our church in the past. One of those places that you know when you give the gift it is really going to the kids.

Inexpensive choices this week

December 2nd, 2009 at 03:45 am

DH called around for a new exhaust system to be put on my suburban. It has had glass packs (I'm getting old-I want something quieter with chrome tips). We found a shop fairly close for around $200 and went with it. We took it in today and it ended up only being $126.

We have killed our last 2 vacume cleaners within the past 3 weeks. (we had 4 between the 2 of us when we got married 3 years ago...). I found one today at the thrift store for $17. It is bagless (as the old ones were), so no bags to buy (plus you can recoup the dimes and earrings that get sucked up). It works wonderful, and has more attachments then my last one did. It is built different though-the handle pulls up and turns into the hose and wand--oh--it also has a reverse on it and will air up items such as blow up pools and such.

DD3 and I spent $28 in the thrift store and come out with a vacumme cleaner, 2 kids learning computer CDs for her younger sisters, a black velvet skirt, a navy velvet dress with a matching jacket for her younger sisters, another Christmasy dress for her sisters, 2 shirts and a necklace for her, and a pair of used kids insulated carhartt coveralls (new, those sell for $60-I got a used pair for $5). Oh--and 3 hard back books. The blue velvet dress still had the JCPenney tag on it for $48. I paid $2. It is brand new.

Earlier in the week I found at another thrift store some items made from horseshoes for $3 each. I got 1 napkin holder and 2 mail/paper holders--one for DH desk and one for my desk in the office. I guess I should have gotten one more for my desk in the classroom, but I wasn't thinking. I have seen these before for around $15 each.

The girls have all outgrown their carhartt coveralls from the last 2 winters (I buy big so they last 2-3 winters), so I sold one pair on craigslist for $30 and the other is on ebay. But, I bought one set already today for $5 so only have to find 2 more. On a good year, I can sell them for the same price I am buying a bigger set for. On a great year I come out ahead on the deal. We will see.