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Garden --finally!!

June 12th, 2008 at 03:00 am

We finally got the garden disced on Sunday. It was too wet to do it, then when it was finally dry while DH was off work, we found out cylinder on the disc had gone out. So, we got another one, then the rains all hit again...

Today I ran the disc over it again, then put in plants. It was too windy to get any seed in-it would have blown away. But, the plants that have been growning in the kitchen and dining room are now in the ground.

So, I have:
18 tomatoes
3 tomato
18 peppers of various sorts
acorn squash
yellow crazy 8 squash

I still have to get all the seeds in. It will probably be awhile, as we are supposed to have bad storms and rain the next 2 days. Which means, it will have to dry enough to get the tiller in the garden to till because the rain will clump it up.

Seeds will be:
corn, green beans, yellow beans, okra, carrots, sunflowers and I forget what else.

I have potatoes coming up in the compost, so will move them over.

Until this year, I didn't know tomatoes and tomato were two different but very similar fruits.


June 10th, 2008 at 05:57 am

Well, my aunt has gotten all her test results back. The cancer is stage 4, lung and bone. The doctor did say it does appear to be slow growing. They said with chemo, she could gain 1-2 years. They are recommending 16 chemo treatments, over 16 weeks time. She is thinking about it. It was most likely caused by her heavy smoking for 60+ years.

On the home front, we have decided to sell or trade our 5th wheel for a bumper hitch (which is what we had to begin with). It just has more advantages. Right now we are limited to only being able to pull it with the pickup. The girls are starting to do some horse shows and the pickup can't pull the horse trailer and the camper at the same time, as both are 5th wheel/gooseneck. We are also limited in the pickup with the number of passengers. If we need to, we can pull a bumper hitch with the suburban, or even rent a van if extended family were to go with us. If we get lucky, we can maybe trade even for one 3 feet shorter in a bumper version. Also, it would be easier on the fuel, and we could pull it with the gas suburban instead of the diesel truck which right now is running close to $5 a gallon.

Bad news

June 3rd, 2008 at 02:33 pm

I just talked to my mom, and she just found out her older sister has lung cancer. She is 84. She is having more test run, and we should get more information on Friday.

This is my moms only living sibling. My aunt has always been a very heavy smoker, the only smoker of the family. In fact, she is the first on this side of the family to even have cancer that I know of.

My girls are not taking this well--this great aunt of theirs is also their pen pal, and they like making her little treasures and crafts and send them to her.