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Plants, plants & more plants ALL FREE

May 28th, 2007 at 10:09 am

We went to my parents house for the day yesterday. It was for my birthday dinner (a month late, but since we moved away and with everyones schedules, had no choice on that one).
Anyway, it rained most of the day. We had taken the pick up as we were going to bring back some chicken nesting boxes from mom and dads chicken coup. But, when we went down to get it, we discovered poision ivy was everywhere. So, dad is going to spray it, and we will get them next trip. My new hens won't start laying for another 6 weeks anyway.

Anyway, since we had the truck, I took advantage of it. I brought back part of my moms lilac bush--about 30 little ones. Her bush is huge-I mean the size of a small parking lot. When we were kids it was little bitty. She is always compaining of its size and giving people starts, so I cleared out some of it. Today I get to plant it here.

I also got some tiger lillys, that are family plants. They came from my grandparents farm and the story is her mom gave them to her. So, I have those to plant today.

Then my sister in law gave me some lambs ear. Seems these plants are intent on taking over her front garden. She also gave me a rhodundia plant.

Dad had just cut down a big big big tree, and gave us huge chucks of wood from that. I think he thought we could burn it, but after looking it over, most of it we will use as seats and stools around our fire ring. Some of the logs are big enough that 2 smaller people could sit on them. The smaller logs we will split to burn.

Dad also gave me several tree seedlings. I think I got walnut, oak, ash and pine.

All in all, I think I got around $300 in plants free. I was going to get some lilac at the garden store, but the price stopped me, knowing mom wanted hers thinned out and it would be cheaper and helps us both out.

The garden has a few rows popping up in the newer section. I need to till it badly, but couldn't till stuff started to come up so I could see where to till and where not to till. I think I can get 3 rows safely tilled today without destroying plants.

3 Responses to “Plants, plants & more plants ALL FREE”

  1. homebody Says:

    How nice, free plants! My DH rototilled an area with our little tiller today. We are finally starting to get back in the yard after several years of neglect.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I love family plants. My peonies came from my mother who got them from her mother, and my MIL who got them from her mother. I also have a lilac that came from my MIL. I hope when my kids grow up and own houses, to pass along starts to them of these plants.

  3. contrary1 Says:

    What a great birthday you had! (even if delayed)

    Free plants, it doesn't get much better than that. I agree family plants are such a great addition to your garden. I've got a tree that is from one brought from Norway. Each house, I start another one. (going to be a forest of them one of these days here in the Pacific NW)

    I planted Lambs ears today too.......all over the place here. I don't find them too invasive, but I do cut or pull off all the flowers as it starts to set them. I think the plant stays more compact that way.

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