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Homeschooling internship

December 4th, 2008 at 01:46 pm

Yesterday one of my 11 year olds did an 8 hour "internship" with a vet. She loves it. She wants to be a vet when she is older, and also picked vet science in 4H. So for now, she is going to "work" at a vets office at least 8 hours a month. Probably more in the spring when she can get outside and do larger animals as well.

It helps that I have 2 cousins who are vets. I can take her and drop her off, with her sack lunch and know I don't have to worry about her safety, the language she may be hearing and such.

Yesterday she got to "help" in surgery. Her main duty seemed to be cleaning off puppies after a c section, holding dogs while IV's were put in, and helping to shave cats and dogs for surgery. She can in great detail explain to you a cats hysterectomy, a dogs c section, removing foreign objects from a dogs stomach, immunizations, cleaning out ears, canine dental care and more.

Her first comment after we got in the car was when can I go back?

After we dropped her off, the other 2 girls and I went to a bookstore, McDonalds and saw the movie Fireproof with Kirk Cameron. I highly recommend the movie.

Right now I am trying to get some bottle calves. Around here they sell for several hundred each. I found a guy in Nebraska who has them for $85 each, first come first serve. Trouble is DH won't be home for several hours. I can't commit till he sees and ok's. He has been farming for years, me for 24 months. They are cute in the picture, little black and white steers.

4 Responses to “Homeschooling internship”

  1. miclason Says:

    Ale wants to be a vet, too! (she's 8)... I spoke to our vet (well, our pets' vet!) and he said it's ok, when she's a little older, if she comes in and helps a bit...as long as she doesn't establish her vet office across the street when she graduates! LOL!

  2. Renee Says:

    We are a homeschooling family too! We only own a acre and we are trying hard to payoff our house. We have a huge garden and hope to get some chickens this next year. You can see our garden here.....



  3. PrincessPerky Says:

    That sounds like an awesome opportunity for her!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    What a fantastic way for her to learn if that profession is really what she wants to pursue.

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