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great days!

February 1st, 2012 at 08:40 pm

Nice weather, no heat on again today!! Our premie calf is doing well, thought we were going to loose it for awhile, but its up running around, and doing great!! And, yesterday I got a $100 check for adsense from my homeschooling blog that I was not expecting for at least another month. I am putting that into the Christmas 2012 envelope.

Sold more on ebay, but again, they have not paid. Whats with people that don't pay after an auction Never had an issue with it until about a month ago, and now this is the third one. And, ebay won't let you give them negative feedback anymore for it. That really stinks.

Tried to give away a free sofa and loveseat in fairly good condition. Got stood up 4 times, then number 5 came to see it and wanted me to deliver it, for more takers. So, now I have it listed for $25 and a string of people want it. I can't figure people out at all.

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  1. Mary Ann Says:

    I've had several eBay non-payers in the last month also. Do they get any mark against them at all for not paying someone?

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