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One more week till Joplin!!

March 4th, 2012 at 08:03 pm

Next Sunday after church I am taking another group of homeschoolers down to Joplin to work for a week. I am excited to see how much Joplin has rebuilt or cleaned up since our last trip down.

This time I have going 5 other adults (besides myself, which is interesting because last trip one of those now adults was not an adult but a kid helper--she had a birthday). We have 13 kids going as well.

We will be doing painting, yardwork if the weather is nice, sheetrocking, sanding, siding, helping people move in if the current home is done, roofing--a little of everything.

Orginally this trip was a pay as you go trip, with each kicking in around $40-$50 for food and gas for the week. But this morning at church we were told of a $300 donation, and groceries also being donated for our trip, so that will be a huge help. Some of the kids going actually have 2 or 3 in their family plus a parent going, so they will really feel the impact of the donations.

Our lodging is free, as there is a church that sponsors the program we work thru, that lets us sleep in the building. There have been shower houses and laundry buildings built behind the church for us to use all at no charge.

A friend of mine lost everything in the tornado and his house was started last week. He had been laid off and had his home paid for, so he let his homeowners insurance go, like many others. And, lost it all. But, when it comes to eating, electric, buying fuel or paying insurance, insurance kind of ranks last.

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