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Pays to double check

March 4th, 2012 at 04:23 am

Went to mail a package at Office Depot, and got some other things as well. The total seemed a little high, so I questioned it. They charged me $16.51 to overnight a envelope......Not what I asked for. I only wanted it mailed regular mail. Took her 10 minutes to rering it, and then it only cost $1.67 to mail. (I bought the envelope from them as well to mail the documents)...What I was mailing was documents back that I received in todays mail--the company sent me the wrong ones. Glad I checked that out before I signed and passed it on.

Then we went to radio shack to replace 3 phones that were due to regrade. AT&T actually moved our regrade date up, as they moved the tower out of our area, and left those of us with older phones out of service. So we now have 3G phones and they waived the activation fee as well. I first tried to do all this at the AT&T store, but even though it was noted on the account the regrade activation fee was supposed to be waived, the AT&T store kept trying to charge me $268. So, I left. Radio Shack read the notes and said ok-here are your choices, and I walked out only paying for some batteries I bought there and a new car charger as my old one bit the dust after 11 years.

Last stop was to Lowe's to get some conduit. I priced it there yesterday at $1.69 per 10 ft length. Home Depot was by the Radio Shack store, so I checked their price and they wanted $3.69 for the same item. So, we headed back to Lowes about a mile down the highway. Not only was Lowe's cheaper, but I also used some gift cards I had earned from MyPoints, so only paid around $6 out of pocket. Bill started out at $42.

And, Lowes now has a rewards program as well. It stores all your paint recipes and items bought. Since I have a rental house, this is ideal for me as they can print it out at any time for your records.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like a productive day. Good thing you checked on postage...saved yourself a chunk of money!

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